Building work has undergone significant changes. Once reliant upon craftsmanship with easy mechanical assistance, the business now depends primarily on equipment and machines.
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Metal Buildings are known for their versatility and avail full customizations to fulfill your specific needs. Pre-engineered metal buildings can easily adapt your transformation and serve you with the utmost quality shelter. You can utilize your steel building for multiple purposes by merely getting some changes to your steel structure.

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A metal building can be used in numerous ways, which commonly includes workshop, home, garage, shop, and many more. Based on your business/personal requirements, you order a metal structure. Recently, Viking Steel Structures installed this 30'x41'x10' Two Car Metal Garage at one of our customer’s property. This metal garage is installed with one door at its side and two garage doors that make it a metal structure with versatile benefits.

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Metal buildings are the most feasible option, among other building alternatives. Pre-engineered steel buildings and metal building kits are the quickest buildings to install. Metal buildings contain superior characteristics and immune to the limitations of conventional building types. Steel buildings provide the most reliable shelter for your winter storage, protecting your assets effectively, and many more.

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Viking Steel Structures recently installed this 22x30 Utility Carport for one of our clients. This all-vertical utility carport is specially build to offer full protection to your vehicles, farm equipment, hay, livestock, and other essential valuables. This metal building is the best choice if you are looking for a robust metal utility building in the area with harsh weather conditions.

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Frosty weather is here, and some of your assets need proper protection from the snow and winter storms. Winter storage metal sheds are the best way to safeguard your valuables. If you are thinking about getting a storage building, then you should know that metal building is ideal for storing your belongings. Metal buildings possess many characteristics that are not possible with a wooden shed.

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Steel Buildings have become a smart choice to build green buildings and protect the environment. The need for steel structures has also increased with time, replacing the conventional construction options. The new world needs a solution to get rid of soil pollution, land pollution, deforestation, and various other environmental hazards caused by construction materials.

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Every year, the December end invites the tax season when you start collecting your entire investment details and submit them for tax exemption. Before filing the 2019 tax, you require the whole list of investment documents. Even if you are a taxpayer, it’s the right time to apply for a tax refund and get your tax deductions based on your savings.

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A metal building is a must to preserve your valuable assets for long and protect them from direct exposure to sunlight, winds, rain, and snow. During the winter season, opting for a vertical roof metal structure ensure strength and assured protection to your assets.

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Farming is a tough job and requires substantial investment like machinery, water supply, electricity supply, seeds, and hard work every day. After all the efforts, if you don't have storage shed to store your farming equipment, fertilizer, animal feed, or space to park your machinery, then all your investment and efforts are going to waste.

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Clear Span metal buildings can be a perfect choice for retail and warehouse operations as it provides a large space inside the building without any support of columns. The unique designs offer ample height and full clearance, so all your warehouse and manufacturing needs like easy access to products, storage of big machines, goods, etc. can be fulfilled.

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Utility Carport is the option that can benefit both your necessities. Buying a metal carport with enclosed garage unit is a wise decision when you need a multi-functional metal building at your land. Viking Steel Structures recently installed this 20'x50' Combo Utility Building at our customer's land. This Utility Combo Carport can shelter your vehicle along with using some storage space for your equipment.

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Pollution & climate change is a rapidly rising problem in the whole world. According to Bimhow, the construction industry contributes to 23% of Air Pollution, 40% Water Pollution, 50 Climate Change, and 50% of Landfill Wastes. So, you can easily analyze that construction is the cause of a substantial impact on the environment.

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Viking Steel Structures presents this 50' x 100' x 12' Commercial Metal Building with no inner support columns offering a wide area. This clear-span metal building is capable of offering a wide range of applications that every business owner expects from a metal structure.

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Pre-engineered metal buildings are the result of construction technology and research overcoming limitations of conventional buildings. Sometimes people create some misconceptions about advanced technologies and stick to traditional alternatives avoiding benefits of a better option. Same with the pre-engineered buildings, because PEBs are a better option than traditional buildings, but people hesitate to utilize because of some stereotypes.

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A metal building with standard dimensions is the most useful structure for various applications. Whether you need it for residential or commercial uses, it can accomplish your purpose. This 30x40 Metal Building with Lean-to is an excellent example of a multipurpose metal building that can be used for your multiple requirements.

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Wooden buildings were used by people to safeguard their boats. Some promote fabric covers to protect watercraft, but these options have some limitations and don't provide all-over protection. Metal buildings are introduced to overcome the flaws, but some people created some misconceptions due to insufficient knowledge or random perceptions.

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Winter is coming, and you are looking for some feasible solutions to protect your essentials from heavy snowfall. Buying this 58'x50'x12' All Vertical Carolina Barn can solve your problems associated with safety from harsh weather conditions and longevity for decades.

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She-Shed and Man Cave are separate dedicated spaces for women and men, respectively, where they can utilize their leisure time or pursue their interests peacefully. Everyone desires to have a private, stress-free space where they can have an escape from the outside world and enjoy whatever they want.

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Pre-Engineered Building stands for the parts of the building are prior fabricated by the manufacturer and just need to attach at the time of installation. If you are thinking about having a building, then you should choose a pre-engineered metal building. Viking Steel Structures provides the best pre-engineered metal carports, RV covers, metal barns, metal workshops, etc.

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Precaution is better than cure. It's good to run preventive maintenance instead of suffering later. Winter is about to come, and winter comes along with many difficulties and problems if you are not ready. Although there are some specially designed metal buildings for dense snowfall areas, still there are some factors that can affect your building. You should know these factors and how to deal with it.

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Viking Steel Structures offers a wide range of metal building options to you, but this recently installed 24'x35'x10' Fully Enclosed Metal Garage is the utmost preference to order. This metal garage can surpass other building alternatives in terms of use and can fulfill your varied purposes, including a parking garage, workshop, or storage building.

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This winter, heavy snowfall & high winds will be a major concern for the safety of your inventory that needs full protection. A durable, reliable, and certified metal building is the best solution for such issues. Viking Steel Structures' recently installed 30'Wx71'Lx12'H Commercial Building with Lean-to is the most versatile metal building to ensure your inventory safety and longevity.

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To keep you protected in your home, many men and women who served the country. Many of the serving men have sacrificed their lives to ensure their security. As a tribute to serving or retired, Viking Steel Structures is proud to present special discounts for the military persons (serving/retired) on all metal buildings.

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Home fires are responsible for 74% of all fire deaths. There is a total loss of $25.6 billion due to property damage. Hence, you can easily understand the probability of facing a fire accident. Now, it's your responsibility to protect your family, friends, and relatives against this devastating disaster.

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Metal carports are simple structures with a roof and sides that are open or partially closed. There are several metal carport styles available for purchase. These structures are designed to protect your vehicle and can be used for almost anything – boats, tractors, garden equipment storage, and even animal protection.

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The shortest definition of CANCER is the abnormal growth of cells. There are more than 100 types of cancer; however, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and skin cancer are the most prominent cancer diseases that target human lives. Viking Steel Structures is sharing a part of your purchase to Cancer Organizations. Cancer Awareness Month is a fundraising event by Viking to make a charity for Cancer Patients.

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Buying a metal garage is always a wise decision as it can serve your multiple needs and give you a wide range of applications, including parking, making a shop, workshop, or storing your livestock. Viking Steel Structures recently installed this 30'x35'x10' Fully Enclosed Metal Garage for one of our customers.

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A fully enclosed metal barn is the perfect solution to accommodate your vehicles, store agriculture equipment, hay, and more. For all such requirements, Viking Steel Structures feature this Fully Insulated 48'Wx30'Lx12'H Carolina Barn that can serve all your needs in the best possible way.

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Viking steel structures recently installed this 36'x20'x14' Carolina Barn at one of our customer's land. This metal barn can be used for varied requirements, including storage, parking, or a small workshop. This Barn can be considered for agriculture purposes where the center unit can store the hay, farming equipment, and two lean-tos can protect your faring vehicles from harsh weather.

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Viking Steel Structures featured 30'x40'x10' Metal Garage with Porch which is more of a metal garage extended to give a porch. This metal garage has a unique design that can allure most of the potential buyers. This garage can serve your multiple needs, including storage, home office, parking, and more.

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Viking Steel Structures recently installed building 40'W x 25'L x 12'H All Vertical Metal Barn is the ultimate solution for all your varied needs. This metal barn comes with all vertical traits that make it suitable for installation anywhere in the United States.

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If you need a parking space for your vehicles or a robust workshop building, this 30'W x 50'L x 12'H Vertical Roof Style Garage is the ultimate solution. This featured building is a 30' wide x 50' length x 12' tall Vertical Roof Style Garage which has ample space to park four cars easily.

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How much money do you pay for a rental storage unit?
Most of you have been paying rent for years to safeguard your storage products. Still, you have never thought of buying a metal building that can omit the trouble of paying monthly rent for a storage unit that can never be yours.

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Installation of any metal building requires a strong foundation that can withstand natural hazards like high wind, heavy snowfall & rain. The soil foundation you choose directly impacts the life of your metal building. Some soils are vulnerable to erosion, while other soil types can confront harsh weather for decades, offering a long life to your building.

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Pre-engineered Buildings (PEBs) are factory-built structures which are joined together at the installation site. In simple terms, PEBs are pre-build metal structures which don't require onsite fabrication. Instead, the installation team only require onsite assembly followed by the final checks.

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Is your RV protected from weather, theft, and excessive sunlight? An RV Garage is the answer to these problems that can protect your Recreational Vehicle or a Motorhome from high winds, heavy rain/snowfall, excessive sunlight exposure, and even theft. Your RV always require parking space when it is not on roads.

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A Carolina Barn is an all-in-one metal building that can be used to protect your car, motorhome, agricultural vehicles, equipment, equine & shed other essentials from adverse weather elements. There is not any replacement for this metal building. You can choose endless customization in this building and get it installed on your land.

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Boating is more of an outdoor pastime in the United States. Everyone spends their time on the water for various adventurous activities and fishing. Hence, boat buyers are increasing rapidly. To park/safeguard your boat, you need boat storage that becomes a big mess for everyone. Every boat owner attempts to address this problem but doesn’t have enough solutions.

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Many horse owners or farmer communities always face the problem to safeguard their horses from harsh weather conditions. Gone are the days when wood horse sheds were in demand and given priority over other alternatives. Today, the entire building industry recommend using metal over wood because metal buildings have so many advantages, and they can stand up to constant use in strong weather conditions.

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The Prefabricated metal barn delivers you multiple applications including storage of agriculture, garden or other equipment, parking for your car, or other vehicles. Installing this kind of metal building can help you to protect your valuables from all-weather elements. Viking Steel Structures showcase this 50'x40'x14' All Vertical Seneca Barn that comes with an enclosed garage as the center unit along with two Lean-to's attached to the structure.

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