Building work has undergone significant changes. Once reliant upon craftsmanship with easy mechanical assistance, the business now depends primarily on equipment and machines.
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A fully enclosed metal barn is the perfect solution to accommodate your vehicles, store agriculture equipment, hay, and more. For all such requirements, Viking Steel Structures feature this Fully Insulated 48'Wx30'Lx12'H Carolina Barn that can serve all your needs in the best possible way.

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Viking steel structures recently installed this 36'x20'x14' Carolina Barn at one of our customer's land. This metal barn can be used for varied requirements, including storage, parking, or a small workshop. This Barn can be considered for agriculture purposes where the center unit can store the hay, farming equipment, and two lean-tos can protect your faring vehicles from harsh weather.

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Viking Steel Structures featured 30'x40'x10' Metal Garage with Porch which is more of a metal garage extended to give a porch. This metal garage has a unique design that can allure most of the potential buyers. This garage can serve your multiple needs, including storage, home office, parking, and more.

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Viking Steel Structures recently installed building 40'W x 25'L x 12'H All Vertical Metal Barn is the ultimate solution for all your varied needs. This metal barn comes with all vertical traits that make it suitable for installation anywhere in the United States.

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If you need a parking space for your vehicles or a robust workshop building, this 30'W x 50'L x 12'H Vertical Roof Style Garage is the ultimate solution. This featured building is a 30' wide x 50' length x 12' tall Vertical Roof Style Garage which has ample space to park four cars easily.

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How much money do you pay for a rental storage unit?
Most of you have been paying rent for years to safeguard your storage products. Still, you have never thought of buying a metal building that can omit the trouble of paying monthly rent for a storage unit that can never be yours.

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Installation of any metal building requires a strong foundation that can withstand natural hazards like high wind, heavy snowfall & rain. The soil foundation you choose directly impacts the life of your metal building. Some soils are vulnerable to erosion, while other soil types can confront harsh weather for decades, offering a long life to your building.

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Pre-engineered Buildings (PEBs) are factory-built structures which are joined together at the installation site. In simple terms, PEBs are pre-build metal structures which don't require onsite fabrication. Instead, the installation team only require onsite assembly followed by the final checks.

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Is your RV protected from weather, theft, and excessive sunlight? An RV Garage is the answer to these problems that can protect your Recreational Vehicle or a Motorhome from high winds, heavy rain/snowfall, excessive sunlight exposure, and even theft. Your RV always require parking space when it is not on roads.

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A Carolina Barn is an all-in-one metal building that can be used to protect your car, motorhome, agricultural vehicles, equipment, equine & shed other essentials from adverse weather elements. There is not any replacement for this metal building. You can choose endless customization in this building and get it installed on your land.

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Boating is more of an outdoor pastime in the United States. Everyone spends their time on the water for various adventurous activities and fishing. Hence, boat buyers are increasing rapidly. To park/safeguard your boat, you need boat storage that becomes a big mess for everyone. Every boat owner attempts to address this problem but doesn’t have enough solutions.

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Many horse owners or farmer communities always face the problem to safeguard their horses from harsh weather conditions. Gone are the days when wood horse sheds were in demand and given priority over other alternatives. Today, the entire building industry recommend using metal over wood because metal buildings have so many advantages, and they can stand up to constant use in strong weather conditions.

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The Prefabricated metal barn delivers you multiple applications including storage of agriculture, garden or other equipment, parking for your car, or other vehicles. Installing this kind of metal building can help you to protect your valuables from all-weather elements. Viking Steel Structures showcase this 50'x40'x14' All Vertical Seneca Barn that comes with an enclosed garage as the center unit along with two Lean-to's attached to the structure.

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Viking Steel Structures features 18'x35'x10' Metal Garage with Carport that comes with a combo unit of a Metal Garage and a Metal Carport. The metal carport can be used to shelter your vehicle, watercraft, & other equipment added with an enclosed garage for storage purposes.

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Carolina Barns are made from the highest quality material that makes it reliable and durable for decades. A barn building is most commonly used for farming and agricultural storage needs. It provides you an open shelter to park your car, motorhome, ATV or any agricultural vehicle, a storage unit that protects your garden, farming or garage essentials; and a central unit that safeguards the equine family from harsh weather conditions.

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Side entry metal garage has diverse benefits when you look for a shelter to safeguard your vehicles from all-weather elements. In a three-car side entry garage, you can easily park your car, motorhome, ATV, tractor, motorboat or any other vehicle to protect them from theft, heavy rain, snowfall, high winds, and other harsh weather conditions.

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Viking Steel Structures is proud to present 42'x30'x13' Carolina Barn that encompasses a wide range of features at a highly reliable price. You can order this 42x30x13 Carolina Barn with a down payment of just $3,056 and pay the remaining balance at the time of building installation.

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Among all types of garages, metal garage with a lean-to is the best investment that can fulfill your varied needs. The lean-to garages are robust, sustainable, and durable steel structures that require less time for erection at an affordable cost. The metal structures can withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, snowfall, high winds, etc. Even post-construction, the installation team is always available to serve you, whenever required.

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Clear span metal buildings and multi-span buildings are two steel structures that offer wide space required for industrial and commercial purpose. When you need a clear and large area without any internal columns, clear span metal structures are mostly used. The building is engineered to maintain its durability, robustness and strength without having any inside columns. Similar to clear span buildings, the multi-spam steel buildings are also engineered to serve your needs when you demand even more space than the standard size of clear span buildings.

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A vertical metal garage is the most durable, flexible, and reliable building that is the best solution for storing your vehicles and outdoor valuables during heavy snow and winds. With a wide range of popular metal garages styles and the availability of large customization options for your building, Viking Steel Structures is one-stop destination for all types, designs and sizes of steel buildings.

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Clear span metal building is a great option for big arenas as it’s an appealing and cost-effective solution which can be used for indoor sports complexes, athletic buildings, or equestrian riding arenas. These metal arena buildings can also be designed to showcase theatre, big gatherings for an event, musical performances, or sporting events.

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The main reason why most of the people buy a metal building is to have a shelter for their belongings like recreational vehicles, cars, horses, etc. Whether it is used as a metal farm building, metal sheds or any other steel structure, you will always expect to keep your essentials protected from severe climate conditions, but because of some construction flaws, you might face problems in your building. Moisture and condensation are two of those issues which affect most of the steel structures. So, how can you curb these problems and maintain the durability & strength of your metal building?

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In all types of construction industries, metal is an essential component.Among all metals, steel has become famous due to its durability, easy installation, and longevity. This results in massive demand for Steel Building & Structures.

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RV covers are a safe and economical way to protect your recreational vehicles or travelers from the storm, hail, rain, snow, and thunder. It is one of the biggest investments when you are investing in the RVs and motorhomes, so naturally, you want to protect it from theft and other elements.

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Viking Steel Structures announces a special sale for this 4th July!! We are glad to offer discounts nationwide with best prices on Metal Carports, Barns, metal garages, RV covers, commercial buildings, workshops, warehouse, and all custom buildings.

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Viking Steel Structures introduces cold-formed steel buildings which do not require any denting or bending of steel; thus, it is stronger and durable than any other metal building. Cold-formed steel is also known as light gauge steel and is made from steel plate or sheet. In the cold forming process, the sheet of metal is pressed through a pair of rolls, which reduces its thickness and increases the strength.

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Are you looking for extra space for your new vehicle? Or you want an additional room to perform your hobbies? Side entry garages are the multi-functional buildings which can fulfill all your purposes.

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Two-car metal garages are enclosed structures that will give you more room, flexibility, and are designed to provide storage for two cars, trucks, boat, recreational vehicle, or tools & equipment. The garages with a width between 20ft to 24ft are commonly known as two car metal garages.

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Metal Garage Workshop is a one-stop solution for all your requirements such as personal storage space, multi-purpose garage and storage spaced combined, or vehicle, boat, and RV storage. Apart from storing and protecting vehicles, the metal workshop can also be used for residential, automotive, and warehouse purposes.

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In all types of construction industries, metal is an essential component.Among all metals, steel has become famous due to its durability, easy installation, and longevity. This results in massive demand for Steel Building & Structures. But as there is not any rocket science in steel structure erection process, more and more dealers have started offering their services. But due to lack of knowledge and inappropriate skills, they continue making mistakes in the steel building installation.

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How many of you have seen various steel structures in your surrounding?
Well most of them are specially build Steel Garages, Steel Sheds, etc. In the recent past, Steel Building & Structures have become popular among the people. Apart from framing, steel is also used for flooring and roofing purpose. But what are the reasons that steel is highly appreciated and recommended for building structures when there are other metals (e.g., Aluminium) which can also work as an alternative?

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Viking Steel Structures is a leading authorized dealer in the metal building industry and provide a wide range of metal barns which can be used for multiple purposes, i.e., to store hay, feed, agricultural equipment, machinery, and to protect your livestock from the unwanted elements of nature.

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If you are planning to setup a new steel building, there are different processes that you need to follow. Common steps within metal building process include reaching a manufacturer/dealer for the quotation, drawing your structure, manual or pre-fabricated manufacturing, etc.

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IMPs - Insulated Metal Panels are excellent metal panels ideal for roofing, exterior walls, and other architectural and industrial applications. They are lightweight, have metal skins and are very easy and quick to install. They are cost friendly and have great insulating properties. Designers, architects, and contractors find imps best suited for their production projects.

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Carolina barn has an A-frame structure which makes it attractive and popular among the horse enthusiasts. These buildings are also useful for agricultural purposes as the farmers use them to keep the grains, agricultural tools & equipment, livestock, and other things. Raised center aisle barn serve your all purposes as these are designed to allow you maximum air circulation throughout the structure, and in the enclosed part you can keep your valuables and protect them from any mishap.

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If you want to ensure that your vehicles, tools & equipment, or other belongings remain fine for a long period, you have to provide the maximum protection from threats like theft, hail, storm, etc. Our all-weather steel garage is the perfect option to serve that all purpose. The best part of these pre-fabricated metal garages that they are not stick to a single use.

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If you are looking for wide span area for your factory, warehouse, distribution centers or for any other storage purpose; clear span buildings are a perfect choice as these buildings provide a covered space with no columns or barriers cluttering up the inside so the work can be performed without any hassle.

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What is a side entry metal garage? How can you use a metal building to manage your storage needs? A Side Entry Metal garage allows clear span for storage or protection of your valuables which can include car, truck, equipment, atv’s etc. Their enclosed walls gives added security and protection to the valuables you want to store in your building.

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Farm buildings offer farmers and ranchers a number of diverse uses for their structures, while these farm buildings are perfect for animal shelters, equipment storage it can also be used to organize your farming operations in an efficient way.

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#AllPurposeGarageWorkshop – Whether you need a workspace, hobby shop, inventory storage area, or a small warehouse, a metal garage workshop is the perfect option for all your personal, commercial or agricultural needs. Their durability and reliability make them an ideal option for you.

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