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Carolina Metal Barns are the most popular Farm buildings used for both agriculture and commercial due to its A-frame roof style and affordability. These metal structures are different from the traditional wood or Pole barns as it can not only accomodate or shelter your livestock, but can also store your valuables with the sheet panels used as walls. Read more to find out how you can customize a metal barn.

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A three-car metal garage is a perfect fit for the family with multiple cars, SUV’s, and other vehicles and a great choice for any extra space that be used for storage of your lawnmowers, tool storage, boats, bikes, children’s toys, etc. Metal buildings from Viking Steel Structures are made with high quality American made steel which means that these structures are ready to stand up to the test of time with 12 gauge and 14 gauge options available. You can also buy a garage based on the wind speed and snow load of your area to shelter your equipment and valuables.

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A Utility carport is a combination of a carport and an enclosed storage area in one unit which provides extra space to you and can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. Viking steel structures offer a wide variety of metal carports, garages, barn and other building options with the best customization options that can handle all your needs. These structures are made with American made and galvanized steel to give strength to your building.

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A lot of us like to host house parties and BBQs during festivals and vacations or family events. But we need a big space for that. If your backyard isn’t big enough or you don’t have a porch or your house doesn't have a terrace, we have a clever idea to make use of the space most of us have - A Carport. It makes the classic space for a party for your friends and family.

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Are you looking for the most current information about the metal roofing market? Are you an architect, designing your new building? A trader trying to sell metal coils or sheets to customers? It’s important to know all the pros and cons of different metal roofing materials available in the market.

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Continuous roof steel barns are economical and traditional barns offered by Viking Steel Structures with high quality built and american made material. These buildings are versatile enough to use as a safe shelter for your livestock & secure storage for vehicles, farm equipment, and other tools. The roof has the cross braces, so the continuous barn provides more resilience and strength to your structure. READ MORE

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Raised center aisle barn is also known as ‘Carolina Barns’, its A-frame structure make it more attractive and popular among horse enthusiasts. These types of barns are also useful for agricultural purposes, as farmers use them to keep their agricultural equipment, tools & livestock since it requires low maintenance and comes with custom options. This type of barn is designed technically to allow maximum air circulation throughout the structure even in the most diverse weather conditions, though you can close the walls on sides and make it an enclosed barn.

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Looking for a metal building that will solve all your purposes? Commercial metal buildings are the best choice for you as it can be used as a warehouse, machinery setup, inventory stocks and it also provides clear span space for you & your people to work without any hassle. Viking Steel Structures offers high-quality American made steel buildings, which makes it strong and durable for decades.

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A metal garage provides complete protection to your vehicle from different types of elements that can damage or harm your priced possessions. If you are looking to save more than one vehicle, a Triple wide metal garage can be a perfect solution as it will provide more storage and safe parking for your other vehicles. Their added width offers more coverage than a traditional metal garage and can be customized any time to suit your need. Viking Steel Structures provide buildings in various sizes and styles for a triple wide garages to serve every possible coverage needed.

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Are you looking to buy a storage with big space to turn it into your metal workshop? Viking Steel Structures offer the best quality storage options with custom ad-ons available. The affordable and durable metal garage workshops we offer can be used for agricultural, personal or commercial purpose depending on your need. Not even they are affordable but they are also solid, but are certified to withstand high winds and snow ratings depending on your location. Read More to know about the building.

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As the term clear span means, distance of surface between two supports, Clear span structures are buildings that is free of columns or need less interior support than any other type of building. These buildings are durable & strong enough to not require any extra stability and can server as a abundant source space without interruption with the flexibility to use it for multiple purpose. Read More..

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Are you considering replacing or adding a garage on your property? Metal garages are durable for years when it comes to protecting your building as these are strong & sturdy buildings made with galvanized American made steel. Weather elements can cause damage to some buildings, but metal garages can withstand high winds & snow to ensure your valuable possessions are safe & secure. Viking Steel Structures provide you with the best quality metal garage in collaboration with Industry leading manufacturers. Read More..

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Metal garage with lean-to can be the most suitable choice if you are looking for a shelter with storage as it serves a variety of uses for your livestock, home, business, and other equipment. Starting from personal, commercial use and everything in-between, the demand for metal garages has been on the rise as these are gaining popularity among the people.

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Have you ever wanted to build a bonfire to enjoy with family and friends? If so, we have the information you need to get started right now! Bonfire birthday or Christmas parties would be joyful with friends or family. A bonfire is perpetually the most fashionable style statement of a spectacular gathering. This week, we have dug up some pretty simple tips for how to safely build a bright and beautiful bonfire.

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Metal carport is the best solution for the people who live in a home without a garage. A Carport takes less space on a piece of property as compared to other metal buildings like garage, RV covers, utility buildings etc. There are various options when it comes to the roof of a metal carport but the vertical roof style is recommendable as it allows snow and other debris to slide right off the side instead of piling off. You should always choose a roof style which fulfills all your needs whether it is practical or visual preferences. A vertical roof metal carport helps in protecting your car, truck and other vehicles from rain, snow, hail and the harsh rays of the sun.

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Commercial metal buildings are most popular these days, because of the low maintenance and labor cost they offer and they can also be expanded at the ends to extend the length of your building. These buildings are made with American made steel, so it can be designed to fit almost any commercial operation’s requirement and provide a clear span for your operation. Viking steel structures offers commercial steel buildings which can be all customized within your budget at a great price.

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Steel barns are used to shelter livestock, horses or equipment and are a must have if you are a farm owner, as these structures provide protection from weather elements. Viking Steel Structures offer most popular types of barns in various style such as Horse barns, Carolina barns also known as Raised Center Aisle and Seneca barns also known as Continuous barn commonly. Viking Steel Structures provide a variety of high quality metal barns which are made with 100 percent galvanized American steel they are more resistant to extreme weather like rain, fire, hail, and snow.

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Looking for a metal carport for your cars? Metal carport offers much more, other than giving shelter for your vehicles. Even you can use a carport for everything from saving money to adding an outdoor living space to your property. At Viking Steel Structures, we strive to provide you with the best quality enclosed metal carport which can also be customized according to your needs. It comes with high quality galvanized steel to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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One of the best things about metal barn is their versatility. These solid metal structures are not only affordable but customizable and appropriate for so many uses. These days the increasing real estate prices and other construction costs are so high but on the other hand metal building becomes a go-to solution for a variety of uses. Read more to discover how Viking Steel Structures suggest to use these buildings.

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As a horse lover, you always want the best for them. When it comes to giving shelter to the horses, several questions come to our mind as a horse owner. Which type of material would be the best choice for a horse shelter? What kind of design should you choose? Can it be customized to fit my needs? Viking Steel Structures has the answers to all your questions. A Barn metal building would be the perfect choice if you want a shelter for your livestock as well as can use it to store the hay and your vehicle in the same structure.

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The demand for steel garages and metal structures has been on the rise, with a lot of homeowners preferring this type of storage solutions. An enclosed metal garage is a detached metal building that can be added to your property to provide owners with an inexpensive yet effective way to shield the valuables. There are many benefits tied with custom storage buildings.

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Utility Metal Garages are one of the popular types of metal structures as they come with an extra space to store your valuables. These metal buildings can be erected for variety of uses, such as commercial, agricultural, workshop, warehousing, and other purposes. Viking steel structures provides you the best metal storage structures which can withstand with the wind, snow, rain and other weather conditions. These are strong and durable for decades, and are designed to fit the actual needs of the customers.

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Rent to own is basically a method of purchasing a metal building without making the entire payment before acquiring it. In other words, you first make a down payment of the building you want to purchase and the remaining amount is divided into small payments for a fix period of months. Once you pay the balance payment, the building will be yours. It is always a better option because Rent to Own allows you to invest your money somewhere you can get huge returns from.

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Metal theft is an increasingly growing concern with the rising demand and use of metals in commercial and residential infrastructure. This metal, once stolen, is sold in scrap yards at high prices. The more popular metal is, the more strongly it is targeted.
Steel is among-st the most popular metals used for the purpose, owing to its sturdiness, reliability and its relative cost-effectiveness. Consequently, steel is also one of the most popular targets of metal theft.

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