Join us on a journey to discover the unique aspects of metal and its benefits for the packaging industry!

Metal packaging is the smart solution for fillers and brand owners. With a proven safety and sustainability record, cans offer a multitude of design options and an unrivalled performance through the supply chain.

Brand differentiation

Cans provide smart packaging that attract consumers and give brands a competitive edge.
A multitude of sizes, shapes and printing designs can be manufactured to individual customer requirements, because innovation sells packaging and packaging sells products.

different sizes

Metal packaging comes in a wide range of sizes. From a small tomato concentrate can to a steel drum for bulk tomato transport and everything in between.

Metal packaging comes in a wide range of shapes. Shaping transforms cans into designer products, creating unique and individual highlights.

different shapes
Matt & gloss
Glow in the dark

Metal packaging offers a wide range of designs, through embossing and high-quality printing cans deliver outstanding shelf presence for consumers.

Metal offers a packaging solution for virtually every product.
Discover the best of metal

Resource savings

The resource-efficiency roadmap launched by the EU in 2011, is aimed at re-addressing the green agenda. Making more use of resource efficient materials will lead to a truly sustainable European recycling society.

Metal packaging - by design - meets this challenge and contributes by saving:

1 tonne recycled steel scrap


2 tonnes

of raw materials

So each can saves twice its weight in raw materials when recycled!


Recycling 1 tonne of metal scrap uses up to 95% less energy than making 1 tonne of metal from raw material.

-30% 2000 - 2020

The metal packaging industry has made constant progress in reducing CO2 emissions. Improvements are measured since 2000 through an environmental scorecard.

The Scorecard is available to Empac members and allows for personalised calculations of their products’ CO2-footprint based on three individual parameters: can weight, recycling rate, and transport distances.
90 million

About 90 million tonnes of food
is wasted annually
in Europe
A number expected to rise to 126
million tonnes by 2020,
an increase of up to 40%
if no action is taken.

Due to its unique attributes, metal packaging saves food

Cans act as food warehouses, able to capture harvests for future use in all logistical or climatic conditions.

Cans have unrivalled shelf lives, protecting their contents over many months, with no refrigeration.


Proven and convenient, metal offers premium packaging solutions to meet a wide range of market needs.

Proven Convenient

Unbreakable, impact-resistant and puncture-resistant

withstand extreme temperatures and pressure

provide a total barrier against light, gas and oxygen

preserve contents perfectly and deliver safe products

quick and easy to use - modern opening solutions have relegated the can opener to history

the choice for on-the-go - from a beverage can to a deodorant

designed to meet modern lifestyles - portion-sized or reclosable

have a place in every cupboard - a meal that is always available

Supply chain efficiency

Cans offer multiple advantages throughout the supply chain.


Due to their inherent strength, empty and filled cans can be stacked to make maximum use of storage.

There is no need for heating or refrigeration, saving up to 70% in energy consumption.


Cans are unbreakable, reducing the risk of leaking or tearing during transportation. Supply chains are specifically designed so that can production facilities are located close to filling operations, reducing transport costs and associated CO2 emissions.

The CO2 footprint for transport of cans is less than 2% of the total CO2 footprint.


Due to their strength and rigid nature, cans are filled at high speeds with virtually no product loss, increasing overall efficiency, including energy and CO2.

Beverage cans achieve up to 2000 per minute (120 000/hour).


Cans offer excellent space optimisation due to their stackability and are easy to handle in store, reducing spoilage and costs.

Up to 10,000 80gr cans fit into 1 cubic metre illustrating the economic benefits on a per shelf basis.

Voted n° 1 packaging innovation
of the past 100 years

The Grocer,  January 2009